Equally BLIND
A campaign to educate and inform people and break some of the myths about blindness and vision impairment using short comic strips and playful illustrations.


Yunjae Woo

Equally BLIND is a campaign to raise awareness and to break myths and misconceptions about blindness. 

The project started from the question, "What is blindness and how do blind people see the world?" 

I didn't know much about blindness and simply thought it would be interesting to visualize what blind people see. 

Then I realized the idea I had came from misconceptions I had. I was blind to this topic, and didn't try to see what blindness truly means. Blind people see the world as everyone else does. They have interests that vary like anyone else. The difficulties they experience are mainly around people’s perception and a lack of access to information. So I created this project to educate myself and others.

Blind people frequently get asked silly questions. Discovering this was surprising and interesting. To make this campaign informative and humorous at the same time, I created short comic strips that depict scenarios related to those questions along with text information. The aim of the comic strips is not to shame or offend anyone, but to make people laugh and think about the situation and become interested in the topic.
The campaign consists of comic strips, illustrations and other useful information to understand blindness. It is an ongoing project so stay tuned for more contents at 
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