The Remakers
The Remakers is a sustainable platform for up-cyclers. It is a common space for a creative people who turn waste into usable objects. The aim of this project is to make it easy to up-cycle and well as to help local up-cycling workshops. The Remakers is a non-profit platform created by the users and for the users.


Wojciech Januszauskas
4 main features
The platform consist of 4 main features including: Up-cycling Map, Inspiration Site, Up-cycling Market and Monthly Challenge.
Up-cycling Map
Up-cycing map with locations of Stashed Materials, Waste Disposals, Local Workshops and Communities.
Great User Experience
The application was made taking into consideration industry standards as well as feedback from up-cyclers in order to make  up-cycling easier than ever before! 
Map Promotion

Inspiration Site
Visitors can find useful informations about how to do u-cycling on their own or get inspired  by  local communities.
Explore Local community
Site for the artist to sell their artworks online. Great opportunity for consumers to buy eco products.
Web version
Up-cycling challenge
Monthly #challenge, where users share their recent up-cycling projects in form of pictures or videos
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