“Geh ma” – alternative travel app
“Geh ma” is a travel app to experience Bavaria in a more authentic way.
It is based on sustainable tourism and gives the user tips & tricks on how to travel in a sustainable manner. Additionally it focuses on discovering insider tips away from mass tourism. Treasure hunt inspired users need to unlock the tip through exploring e.g. two other tips.


Tanja Roedlbach

Exploring alternatives
Bavaria has a big problem with mass tourism at certain attractions. While these are overcrowded with tourists, others that are just as beautiful, are less visited.Geh ma tries to reduce this by offering travellers alternatives to the overcrowded places.
Tips matched to your interests
In the app it is possible to select the location and a category. For example, in the nature category hikes appear in the app that almost nobody knows. In addition, the tips can be further adjusted by filters.
Building community
The app also offers way-finding and shows the best route to the selected tip. In addition, the forum is a place to discuss topics about travel and sustainability within the community
The app as a digital treasure hunt
To unlock a tip, a certain number of tips must first be visited or discovered. This keeps the users interested and triggers their curiosity.
Have a look at the prototype
A little insight into how the app works. View all the tips as well as the short description
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