Cogitate - Politics and Elections in the UK
Cogitate is a platform where youngsters can find information related to politics and elections in a livelier and more engaging way. The platform aims to connect with the youth and encourage them to get involved in the topic, to decide for their futures, and to cogitate–think deep.


Stephanie Hosty
Cogitate Logo - Cogitate means to think deeply about something; meditate or reflect. The handwritten X stands for marking a vote.
According to research, not many young people vote in the UK...
Only 47% of 18-24 year olds voted on the 2019 General Elections - Ipsos MORI research
There are existing websites with valuable information, yet, they are usually heavy-texted, which can be unappealing to young people.
Based on a survey of my own, +90% of young people had something negative to say when asked about Politics and Elections.
Most common words were 'Boring', 'Lies', and 'Corruption'.
The solution
Website - Home
Website - Home preview
Presenting dense information in a lighter way.
Mobile version - Section preview
Instagram is a great way to reach a young audience, with the use of hashtags and visually appealing content.
Promo video - Using a clip of Winston Churchill saying an inspiring speech
Other ways of reaching the audience (Primary audience 16-18, Secondary audience 18-24 year olds) is by using fashion as a statement. Clothes is the perfect way to speak our minds. T-shirts containing inspiring quotes or graphics to catch their attention as well as to start conversation around the topic.
Promo imagery
Promo imagery shows mainly the t-shirts, and secondly the website and Instagram information. The layout depends on the composition of the picture
T-shirt store
T-shirts are available for purchasing
Visual style
Visual style was based on extensive research on trends and preferences of the target audience.
Visual guidelines
You can access the platforms here:
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