no-f – un-judging feminism
Who are these No-fs that everyone is talking about? And what are they wearing? Wait a minute – Sandwichmaker?

no-f is a fashion brand and community with a very important mission:
It was found to promote the benefits of feminism, to clean up with all the prejudices and to highlight only the good stuff about feminism – for everyone. The brand takes its mission very seriously so if you want to become a No-f, you have to forget about all those stereotypes and really start being a party pooper.

Cheers, The No-fs


Sophia Stiegler
No-f means no-feminist. The brand plays with self-irony and approaches the topic in an easy-going and funny way. Of course, political correctness stays first priority. The name no-f also inherits the reluctance of wanting to label yourself - so well, just don’t.
There are many reasons why people, especially men, don’t identify with feminism or find it hard to grasp. The mission of no-f is therefore to call attention to the benefits that feminism brings into everyday life, especially for those who wouldn’t think so in the first place.
Deriving from the reasons of why many can’t identify with feminism I generated 7 different topics which all show a positive aspect about the feminist movement addressing especially men. Each theme is implemented in three elements: A figurative term, a visual element (illustration) and a definition text. The example shows the Term “Pretty”, which belongs to the theme “toxic masculinity”.
The terms build the element which is later printed on the garments.
“Starmad” “Sandwichmaker” “No-Pink” “Activated” “Pretty” “Dirty” and “Homie” build the first no-f collection and address topics such as everyday language, stereotypes, prejudices, toxic masculinity, sexual freedom and paternity leave. These are all important topics directly linked to feminism.
The first campaign of no-f can be found on the no-f instagram account and on social media. In this example: the Homie and his favorite hobby: taking care of the plants, pets and children. (theme: paternity leave)
Spread the word – The no-f postcards serve as promotional material so that all your friends can find out about this cool, new brand and it’s even cooler mission – Un-judging feminism
Photos from the first no-f lookbook. The collection is called “the No-fs and where they hang out”. Here we see No-Pink hanging out at some random spot. (I guess it must be the complementary colors)
You can find no-f on their website ( or on instagram (the_nofs).
An overview of the variety of the project: For the implementation of no-f different media, techniques and strategies were used – just as versatile as the No-fs themselves.
If you decide to get your own no-f piece: here a little sneak peak – the no-funboxing.
No-f is an unconventional fashion brand which is not only dedicated to feminism but also to sustainability. Therefore, it only uses second-hand goods. Also it offers the customer the possibility to get their personal items printed.

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