What is the Plastic Number? It’s the same as Recycling codes on Plastic materials, but does everyone know about it? 

Based on researches most people are confused about plastic recycling, they don’t know if it’s correct to trash them all or they have to separate them based on the recycle codes! Also, they are many people who are not having any idea about the meaning behind these Recycle Codes on plastic materials! 

I came up with this educational idea, to not to be a reason of having mountains of plastics in landfills, good to know that each plastic can take up to over 1,000 years to decompose, so I decided to try to decrease this damage by making an educational design. In this project as the final BA Graphic Design Project, I did consider a combination of Branding and Ux/Ui Design.


Shima Moshiri
The aim of #Be_number_one campaign is to encourage people to pay more attention to plastic recycle, by challenging each other and receiving and sharing their scores in Plastic Number application.
The Plastic Number application helps people to be good plastic consumers, gaining info about recycling codes and the ways to recycle them and in some cases reuse them.

The function of the application .
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