Petpal is a petsitting app, which provides experience for people wishing to gain skills with pet caring and serving the needs of owners and animal shelters. Owners and animal shelter organisations get to post their orders, from which the petsitters can choose from based on their interests. The app provides messaging, location access and rating + reviews.


My Linh Vu
The intentions of the color coding selection is to portray friendliness, connection, joyful vibe. Based on that, the name Petpal was chosen and the logo is designed as a handwritten letter P with a dog profile.

The apps lets you access as a petsitter, a pet owner or an animal shelter organisation. As a petsitter you will begin with creating your profile, filling in what pet you are interested in and the abilities (service) you are able to provide. On your finished profile, you can view the reviews you got from pet owners/animal shelters, furthermore, all your information you filled in the profile creation form. Apart from that, you can view all the orders from pet owners and animal shelter organisations on your home page. You can also view your upcoming appointments and past ones and get notifications on your phone. Besides, you can message your experience provider.
As for a pet owner, the process is quite akin to the petsitter's, the difference is the profile creation process is shorter and the home page looks different. Apart from that, there's a function of creating orders, where the pet owners select what pet they need the service for, number and the specific services. The orders will appear on the owner's profile.
And lastly for the animal shelter organisations, the process is the same as the owner's, the tiny difference is in creating orders, the services slightly differ.
The app promotion will appear on websites, social media - instagram, posters. Access through app store
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