Mihi (mi historia-My history) is a social travel app based on user generated content that brings you closer to your neighborhood . Want to travel to the most romantic, esoteric or best places to take panoramic photos, Mihi has got you covered. Users travel to locations and rate the most outstanding attribute of the place, which then are shared to their friends and their local community. What Mihi offers is a highly personalized travel experience which gets organically shaped and changed by user interaction.


Marcus Sasse

The app was geared toward young users dreaming of travelling to exotic places, this time with the twist of re-imagining your own hometown to fill this need of adventure.
The locations would be user generated and filtered by the editorial team of the app, requiring the places to be culturally significant or promoting physical activity.
Claim Tag
Each location after being visited or discovered would be added a tag by the user. Each tag would be a unique claim  to a location. This would generate a series of claims the friends user could follow.
How to upload Tags
The tags would be added after visiting physically a location.
Using Tags
One place can have multiple tags, with attributes that can radically differ from the perceived functionality of the place.
App Prototype
The final app is meant to change dynamically with the taste of the users. Furthermore fostering local tourism, endearing and making more intimate the land to its inhabitants.
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