For this project my brief was to create a service that enables people to lend things they already have at home to their neighbors. There is a tendency to share instead of buying, e.g. through car or bike sharing services. With sustainability in mind, that is a positive step towards a forward-looking way of living.


Marcella Alina Hinz
One of my first steps was to create a survey to find out more about whether people would use such a service and how they would prefer it to be, for example what medium it should be. I created some personas to examine different motivations to use it and what their skills concerning digital services are.
Later on I created first lists and then icons of what is going to be available on there starting with a very long list and then trimming it down to the items that many people use but only very sparingly or on special occasions, not in their day-to-day life.
After researching already existing neighborhood platforms and their reviews it became clear that there are a lot of problems with them. I used that as a starting point to keep in mind what is important.
That is how I came to my final concept. A tool sharing app from neighbor to neighbor that enables people to share their belongings in an easy and secure way. For safety reasons a deposit is kept for the time of borrowing. The functioning is simplified by replacing redundant messages with smooth clicking. It helps people save money and space, act eco-friendly or quickly borrow tools in their neighborhood.
The logo stands for the N of "Neighborrow" but it also is an image of two open doors that have a connection between one another.

As mentioned in the reviews not many people are aware of the existence of such neighborhood platforms. For this reason it was important for me from the beginning to not only create the app but also advertising for it. The outcomes are an A0 poster and a short video advertisement.
Lastly I made a short How to Neighborrow video to show people how an exchange works and a longer introduction of the app with all of its functions.
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