The ComPost
The news is filled with depressing statistics and claims about pollution, global warming, species' extinctions, climate change, etc... But a lot of these articles leave us wondering 'what can I do?' or thinking that individual initiatives are pointless. Instead, I wanted to show that small initiatives make a big difference!

This is why I created The ComPost, an online magazine that introduces people to convenient and accessible changes they can make to their routine to be more eco-friendly. The ComPost provides information and celebrates people’s efforts instead of shaming them for not doing ‘enough’. The name The ComPost includes the words ECO (for ecology), COM (for community) and POST (... to be one day as famous as the Washington Post).


Lena Fix
As the only Creative Media Production student in this exhibition, I wanted to focus on a topic I deeply care about while challenging myself to work on various platforms and using multimedia techniques. This is why I decided to focus on the issue of the climate crisis and created an online magazine that had the potential to host various types of media. As of now, The ComPost features 4 types of content on 3 different platforms:
The journalistic articles focus on giving information about our planet's problems as well as tips as to how we can solve them together. When writing I always tried to present the reader with actions accessible and convenient to most people, while still having a great impact on the environment.
What Deed I Do
Who better to inspire people than people? This interview-based series of articles focuses each time on another person’s “good deed” to our planet in order to motivate people in doing similar actions themselves. On the website you can find a profile of each interviewee in the “inspiring people” section with a link to the full article.

This is a monthly article series that puts in the spotlight a product, innovation, or business that has the aim to help the environment.
Like many online magazines nowadays, The ComPost also tries to provide its community with entertainment. To do so, I created a short, fun yet educational quiz about composting available on the website.

All this content is featured on the 3 platforms: the main website that I designed from scratch using WIX, a facebook page and an instagram page.

This project is something I am truly passionate about and hope to continue even after the end of my studies. I would love to find more journalists and other content creators to help me develop further some of the ideas of content and other platforms I would like to work on (podcasts, youtube videos, etc). For now, I hope that this gives a good representation of my engagement and will to do good work for good causes.
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