How To Eco
How To Eco is an educational project. The aim is to give people tips on how to change their lifestyle to a more eco-friendly one. To keep the information friendly and easy to understand, it is spread through illustrations and animations. Earth needs us to change. However we need to do it together.


Jan Skalnik
How the project works
The tips are posted in illustrations or animation form. All graphics have a description of what they are portraying. The description will explain how the tip benefits you and the environment.
Interaction with the community
How To Eco wants to interact with its community. Followers are encouraged to message me and share with me their own tips. I convert these tips to illustrations or animations and credit them for their contribution in the description.
Weekly Challenges
Another form of interaction with the community is through challenges. These challenges are being posted weekly. They encourage the followers to do a certain activity or action throughout the week that will help the environment.
Be sure to follow my page for more tips and challenges.
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