Smart Degrader
The Smart Degrader is a multifunctional kitchen island with integrated mini biogas plant for home use. Inspired by the natural cycle of life, this biowaste disposal system not only disposes of the waste but also processes it into biogas and thus covers the gas consumption for cooking in a private household. It turns the organic waste into valuable fertiliser and at the same time generates renewable energy.
Watch the video at the end to see exactly how it works!


Isabella Dauser
How the unfolding system works
Smart from the outside
and degradable from the inside
With its elegant and discreet design it is suitable for every kitchen and the exterior does not reveal anything about the fermentation process on the inside. The Smart Degrader is completely self-sufficient and due to the folding system no odour of the biowaste can escape to the outside.
In the following video the whole concept 
of the Smart Degrader is explained.
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