IMAN Materials
Sustainable materials have a wide range of usage - in architecture, fashion, design, construction, etc. They are still not used to their fullest potential, and they are not quite well known unless one is interested in them and does proper research.

Sustainable material libraries exist - both in-person and online. The material library in Prague has 2000 material samples in a studio, and 8000 samples online. That is a large number for one city - so imagine how many sustainable materials exist in every city, country, part of the world..

The aim of this project is to promote sustainable materials and to show various companies what they can use instead of waste materials which are not a part of the circular economy, by creating a subscription-based sustainable material kit for designers/brand advisors/studios which they can show to their clients and potentially use in their products.


Iman Delic
Because of COVID-19, I adapted my project to something I could do from home - so I used the materials which I had at home!
The first prototype I created was way too big and it was a lot of waste, which I wanted to avoid. Still, I was able to showcase my idea which was to have a subscription box of 10 materials for one area of usage (architecture, fashion, design, construction, etc.). On the card, you can see the information about the material (left), a sample of the material, and how it can be used (middle) and the specifications for that material (right). The specifications were not available for each material, so I couldn’t use that in the end.
2nd Prototype
The second prototype I created was closer to the final idea. I changed the format from a box to a frame that can stand on a table, hand on a wall, or fit on a shelf (A4 format). Some issues that I had with this prototype were: I had difficulties taking the notes out of the pocket under the stick with the materials, and there was no way to know which material is described in which note since the notes were stacked together in the pocket.

More importantly, I was able to show my idea physically and then improve it. I wanted the user of this product to have the opportunity to look at these materials vertically, horizontally, and also to take them out, touch them, and show them to their clients - that’s why you can take the stick out and have a rack of materials as you would have in a clothing store.
Final Product
Taking into consideration all the mistakes from previous prototypes, I finally had a solution that was user friendly and sustainable. The material I chose for the frame is upcycled wood which would go to waste. The materials would be different per collection, but there would always be 6 of them. For the first collection, the theme is packaging/product design.
Product overview
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