City Branding for Medan, Indonesia
A long overdue rebranding for the city of Medan. It is the fourth largest city in Indonesia but yet almost non-existent on the international tourism map due to lack of initiatives from the city council. This project aims to give the city a more current and accurate appeal. At the same time attract visitors either domestic or international to visit Medan.


The new logotype is created with the concept "gateway to Sumatra", the idea of Medan as a point of entry for great adventure in Sumatra. Wavy lines in the logotype represent connectivity, Medan is a well connected city, once you’re here it's easy to travel around and explore Sumatra.
It is not just a logo but it is a system, it’s also important to keep everything simple and easy to implement for any platform. The combination of logotype and wavy lines as secondary elements portrays the idea of connectivity, while rich colours represent diversity of culture and nature of Medan.
To familiarize the public with the new brand, a teaser campaign will be launched first. Teaser campaign designed with the same intention of being bold, unique but easy to use. This visual will be applied on public transports, cash cards, train tickets, murals or posters around the city and etc.
The teaser campaign will eventually be followed by the actual brand launch. At this launch, the use of typography, colour palettes, and supergraphic will be introduced. Supergraphic act as a template to ensure consistent implementation.
While it may look simple with the right combination of images and typography, this supergraphic offers plenty of flexibility for every platform and needs.
check out the full project here
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