CContainer is a combination of pill container, mystery box and advent calendar that aims to help those who are struggling with anxiety and especially medical induced anxiety through continuous encouragement, rewards and exercises that are targeted to lowering anxiety and educate in how to overcome it.
Hi am Cion Kim and am a freelancer that specializes in branding starting with building the strategy to the final visual solution that implements the most essential clients identity. I work for individuals and small businesses that are looking for a new brand identity and can consult in helping create a new direction of the brand.


Cion Kim
The complimentary words that start with the word ā€˜Cā€™ is the main identity behind CContainer. The Logo is meant to resemble the smiles of those who use the product.
The Containers are meant to be a frame for the mind to rest our minds outside of the fear and anxiety that we face through our illness and medical processes.The one here is made from colored paper and was folded and glued together by hand.
These contents are made specifically to be used each time a person feels anxious or fearful or after/before taking necessary medication or shot they open one container and be greeted with a mystery item that will reward them with candies/food, quotes and stories from those who overcame anxiety, and exercises that help with anxiety.
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