It is not all about guláš
An illustrated book about traditional Czech cuisine and first acquaintance with Czech culture


Arina Gostyukhina
My name is Arina and seven years ago I moved from Russia to the Czech Republic. So how do you start getting to know a country you know nothing about? First couple of months it was quite difficult to meet the locals and not being able to speak the language did not help… Therefore, my first acquaintance with the Czech culture started with food. Over these seven years I kept learning more and more about traditional Czech cuisine. This book is a collection of my favourite recipes and a collection of stories connected with them.
Book has 5 sections: starters, soups, main dishes, and desserts. Each section has different colors. I was experimenting a lot with illustrations, for me it was a challenge. I never worked before with charcoal in my projects. And it was my first experience with food drawing.
For the final print, I chose V1 binding
with black threads.
Paper inside - 150 gr
Paper outside - 300 gr

Check out the promotional video below!
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