GOGASM is a self centered gallery where I present the unity between graphic design and fine art. Myself I am a painter and graphic designer, so with GOGASM as my personal gallery I am uniting these 2 arts using only humor. Check the paintings, check the video where i paint and talk, but most importantly have fun!


Andea Veslinovic

Gogasm website link:
GOGASM is a personal gallery, designed and presented as the real one. There I present the collection 2020, under Corona home quarantine. There are 4 categories, with 9 paintings for each of the categories there are dedicated at least 2 paintings. And the type of paintings: Expressionistic face expressions/portraits.

GOGASM itself is made out of 2 main elements. The collection itself and the the part which is called ‘’BEHIND THE PRETTY PORTFOLIO’’ where i paint these paintings and talk about me being the student (where i mock students), me, artists from Balkan (where i talk about my life before Prague College, and mock fine artists), Creativity (where i make fun of the creative process), Me, the programmer (the tittle says it’s, i suck at programming).
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