The Type of Music is a website, an online platform, collecting experimentation related to visualization of music through typography.

There are numerous designers, artists, and creators who are constantly inspired by music. The Type of Music concentrates on the ways music can be visualized through typography, and serves as a platform of visual exploration and ideas generation.


Ana Leskovic
Link to the website
Although without any connections visible at first, music and typography share quite a lot - a clear structure, psychological properties, emotional triggers. Following that, there are many ways the two can be connected.

I have created eleven different works related to the theme, experimenting with different materials, concepts, and visual styles.

The experimentation ranges from typographical vinyl covers made from blood, to minimalist compositions inspired by song lyrics, to the exploration of unconventional writing methods, to song lyrics written with fruit, to an illustration created out of typographical symbols, and much more.
Several examples of the visual experimentation of visualizing music through typography. For more, visit the following link:
The Many Types of Music
One of the projects created for the website, titled “The Many Types of Music”, became the visual identity of the project. This particular experiment explored the creation of a custom typeface, where every one of the 26 letters of the English alphabet was designated a genre of music. After the analysis of each genre, a symbol representing that particular type of music was either designed, or chosen from an existing font.
The experimentation, representing the many possibilities and visual styles that happen in music, serves as the identity symbolising the diversity of the topic. The identity consists of animated gifs featured on the webpage
Submit Your Work
“The Type of Music” serves as a platform designed to collect the experimentation of everybody interested in the topic. Everybody is welcome to submit their own work into the database, while also leaving the links to their social media accounts and web places for self-promotion.
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