Amber is founded on the idea of promoting a sustainable fashion lifestyle. A platform of personal styling & shopping inclusively in local vintage and second-hand stores. Amber is here to guide & style you.


Alexandra Široká
Whether youʼve accomplished many successful shopping hauls and perceive
fashion as a form of art you communicate. However you are aware your
fashionʼs love affair also has a bittersweet taste and you are interested in other
shopping options focusing on consciousness.
Or perhaps, you donʼt call yourself a fashion enthusiast, you donʼt follow the
suit of trends yet you still like to feel confident in your own skin and reflect your
authentic personality in the way you dress.
The endless possibilities on how to elevate your wardrobe “game” in one of a sustainable direction could with a little of an open mind be yours to consider and love.

Amber stands for careful guidance and stylish help.
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