Pollution In Macedonia | Awareness Brand
FightorBlight, is a non profit brand focusing on raising awareness of the local public, as well as providing reliable solutions and information regarding the same issue, which is Pollution in Macedonia. The identity consists of sectionised content, organised by customised color code as well as a strategic story build.

The overall project branches out in 2 main stages.
The first stage strives for reaching out towards the audience, in a more lively and semi aggressive manner. Additionally, it stresses upon accurate statistics of pollution consequences whereas ideally would encourage the viewer to look trough some answers.

This leads them to stage 2, where after being exposed to the problem, the viewer is navigated towards an informational platform where they could inform themselves about the previously stated issues, and gain a sense of comfort and reliability.


Alek Serafimovski

In order to impact a larger number of the audience, this project expresses its purpose and goals through an specifically illustrated and further animated storyboard, which briefly introduces FightorBlight from a positive and hopeful aspect.

The reason for a specific approach is to maintain a positive attitude, when topics as rough as these come to mind

FightorBlight website represents the second stage of this overall project. It is carefully organised with categorised content which are divided in: Statistics, Solutions, Ideas and a Live Map. The purpose of this platform is to maintain quality content over this situation of Pollution, where viewers can be up to date with the most reliable information helping them to sustain a healthy lifestyle throughout the learning outcomes.
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